HPEM systems are devices of pulsed radio frequency (RF ). As far as it is possible to be at the size of a briefcase but depending on the power on the size of a bus as well. RF weapons compared with EMP, has a drawback as the need to be close to the target . However, it has a major benefit, it can be used as a secret weapon , after an RF shot the target can not realize what the cause and source of corruption was . It may be advantageous for an attack held to different targets in succession, as this may lead to confusion.

Finally, the RF weapons can be mobile and have an advantage to escape . An RF gun mounted behind a truck because of its size can be seriously effective, can easily change place and has the opportunity to escape . The targets exposed to RF guns may suffer for damage, a blown fuse, burning or melting of the circuit elements, thus restarting system or shutting down, maybe completely breakdown.

In 2006 by the request from Armed Forces Joint Chief and SSM first prototype R&D studies has started. Due to embargo and export licence problems from the vendor countries High Power Feeding Circuits, Generators, Antennas, Tyrotron Trigger Units has been designed and produced by us.