AERODRALON family is the firs authentic triple symmetric shape body+wing aircraft family of the Word.
During take on and landing positions moves as an VTOL aircraft (As chopper) they have an auto rotation capabilities as chopper even as a balloon.
During the fixed-wings (variable swing wing) flight, each wings and tail-wings has interchangeable Aileron,elevator and rudder duties.The aircraft can fly any position (No upper sections,no below sections) and also reverse position sure.
The wings has an landing gear duty also .during the closed position the aircraft can take off and on as a missile launch position.
The aircraft has composite body and IR absorbed paints on the other hand very low noise (noise suppressing) and very low IR trace .That means very difficulties to dedection by radar ,IR camera etc. (Stealth feature)

It can also be used in cooperation with ATG network and Soft Horizon SW